Remembering Grandma Love

Grandma & Grandpa Peters and the Dinh family

Grandpa & Grandma Peters and the Dinh family

My Grandma Love died on February 28, 2015. When I heard the news from my sister, I put my feelings away. I didn’t want to deal with grief and I avoided thinking about it. I knew that I needed to sit quietly and reflect about what she meant to me, but I avoided it until today. Continue reading


NYC care package from the best PEOPLE

New York City This Exit

I opened my care package and got a little bit of NYC in Singapore.

I believe we have the family that we’re born into and the families we choose to be part of. I am lucky to have friends who feel like sisters and sisters who are some of my dearest friends. When I lived in LA, I became part of a west coast family and then I joined an east coast family when I moved to NY.

One branch of my NYC clan is my PEOPLE people. Continue reading

A friend’s encouragement about moving to Singapore

Mai and Judy

Mai and Judy

I am telling friends and family about our decision to move from NYC to Singapore and reactions have been a mixture of ‘happy for us’ but ‘sad for them.’ I don’t think it’s fully sunk in that Singapore is a 20-hour flight from NYC or that I’ll be 13 hours ahead from my family in Illinois. I don’t want to get scared about the move so I’m not dwelling on the physical distance. Continue reading