I miscarried a year ago. I’m ready to share my story

I was triggered by a recent news article about singer Lily Allen temporarily leaving Twitter because faceless cowards attacked her for losing her child. Someone on Twitter called Allen mentally ill because he/she didn’t like Allen’s criticism of anti-immigrant policies; Allen agreed that she was mentally ill and described being bi-polar, depressed and experiencing post-traumatic stress after delivering her stillborn son in 2010. Instead of empathy, the Twitter abusers blamed Allen for her baby’s death at which point she stepped away.  Continue reading


NYC care package from the best PEOPLE

New York City This Exit

I opened my care package and got a little bit of NYC in Singapore.

I believe we have the family that we’re born into and the families we choose to be part of. I am lucky to have friends who feel like sisters and sisters who are some of my dearest friends. When I lived in LA, I became part of a west coast family and then I joined an east coast family when I moved to NY.

One branch of my NYC clan is my PEOPLE people. Continue reading

A friend’s encouragement about moving to Singapore

Mai and Judy

Mai and Judy

I am telling friends and family about our decision to move from NYC to Singapore and reactions have been a mixture of ‘happy for us’ but ‘sad for them.’ I don’t think it’s fully sunk in that Singapore is a 20-hour flight from NYC or that I’ll be 13 hours ahead from my family in Illinois. I don’t want to get scared about the move so I’m not dwelling on the physical distance. Continue reading