NYC care package from the best PEOPLE

New York City This Exit

I opened my care package and got a little bit of NYC in Singapore.

I believe we have the family that we’re born into and the families we choose to be part of. I am lucky to have friends who feel like sisters and sisters who are some of my dearest friends. When I lived in LA, I became part of a west coast family and then I joined an east coast family when I moved to NY.

One branch of my NYC clan is my PEOPLE people. I worked on PEOPLE’s digital team for 7 years, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. During that time I made some life-long friends and learned incredible lessons about collaboration, integrity, creativity and ingenuity. I do not exaggerate when I say my former coworkers are the top-notch talent in publishing and digital development.

In my last post, I wrote about feeling homesick. I felt self-conscious about publishing my complaints about Singapore and that I missed American grocery stores. I thought I sounded entitled but I posted it because I promised to be honest and share my experiences. Right away I got lovely emails and comments from friends who let me know they were rooting for me.

Care package for the soul

Food for the soul! My care package included taco fixings, maple syrup, quinoa, peanut butter oatmeal, spices, an easy comfort food cookbook, NYC swag, StyleWatch magazine with Nina Dobrev from Vampire Diaries on the cover and chocolate (not pictured) because I put it in the fridge.

Today I got a care package from Maggie, Helen, Caroline, Lauren, Kiran, Karen and Kyle that’s packed with goodies from Whole Foods, a PEOPLE StyleWatch magazine and handwritten notes of encouragement. When I opened the box, I burst into tears. Happy tears! I felt so much love when I saw the five varieties of quinoa and “I HEART NY” t-shirt. Now I know how Hazel and her family felt like when the little cancer patient asked for pizza and the Internet responded in kind.

Maya Angelou quoteWhen you ask the Universe for help, be ready to get it. I shared my vulnerability and was rewarded with kindness, chocolate and a reminder of my blessings. I’ve been slow making friends in Singapore but it’s a huge comfort to know my former work family still has my back. While the organic food will nourish my body, their thoughtfulness nourishes my soul. I feel so loved. Thank you my PEOPLE people! To quote Justin Bieber, your care package just made “one less lonely girl.”

With love,


One thought on “NYC care package from the best PEOPLE

  1. Handwritten notes are the best! In a digital world, where we can text and tweet far faster than we can even find a pen and piece of paper – we must do our best to take the time and write a handwritten note each and every day. Love your NYC care package. We will send you some new canvas totes. Let us know your address!

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