My breast kept secret

Mai looking surprisedHello friends,

I am keeping a secret. It’s easy for me to keep secrets because I live in Singapore and you don’t know exactly what I’m doing unless I post on social media or on this blog. On the flip side, I don’t know many people in Singapore so my secret’s been safe.

As some of you have noticed, I’m a small-chested woman (that is why I have a chest enhancement kit). While I am blessed to avoid back problems or saggy pancakes in my elder years, I’ve always admired shapely women and wished for such a silhouette ever since I saw Charo on The Love Boat. (Skip to :27 for dancing.)

As fortune has it, my wish has come true. My breasts have grown and under extraordinary circumstances. No, I did not go to South Korea for breast enhancement surgery. I am 4 ½ months pregnant.

Some may say I have “buried the lead” by putting the announcement that I’m pregnant in the fourth graph but I’m telling you the breasts are the real story. You may say, “Mai, pregnancy changes a woman’s body and your breast growth is totally normal.” I agree with that statement but is it every pregnancy that you GROW additional breasts?

Drop the mic. I just confessed that I have four breasts!

I found out I was pregnant in August when I was with my family in Michigan. When we got to Singapore in September, I was about 9 weeks along. Right before the move, I noticed two dark spots under each armpit. I thought perhaps they were ingrown hairs or moles.

I monitored them and found it peculiar that whatever they were, they were growing symmetrically on each side. As they raised and darkened, I knew it wasn’t either of my guesses. I couldn’t deny that they were nipples. They looked like my other ones (brown not pink like Caucasians) and fat tissue was also collecting underneath them.

I confirmed it with my doctor and she was, like, no big deal. I’ll have to get them surgically removed after the pregnancy and they may even produce milk. I told my sister about this secret and she asked, “Are you sure you aren’t having twins? Maybe your body is preparing!”

No. One fetus. Four breasts. This is a classic example of the fable “Be careful what you wish for.” The Universe has a funny way of granting wishes sometimes. I am NOT going to post a photo of the auxiliary breasts because I don’t want to get flagged as some fetish pregnancy site but let your imagination run wild. (Here’s some help: one and two and three and four!)

As a consolation, here’s my bump. Our due date is April 2.

Mai at 18 weeks pregnant

Check out my lovely lady bump


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