My daily stand-up for ‘Project Mai’

It’s my final days at PEOPLE and I have a handful of daily stand-up meetings left. For 15 minutes, the digital team reviews the daily tasks that were completed yesterday and what has to be completed today in order to build and maintain PEOPLE’s portfolio of products. As a recent meeting came to a close, the project manager asked, “Does everyone know what they are doing? Any one need help? Have blockers?” Upon hearing these questions, it dawned on me that our dev process applies to more than digital products.

Everyday, I should ask myself, “What are my open issues? Do I need help? Do I have any blockers?” I should have my own “stand-up Mai” meetings. Process is process whether the product is a new feature on a website or my human development. I know all that I know for a reason and it’s time to apply it to “Project Mai.” #lifeafterpeople #nocoincidences #standupmai Thanks for the life training PEOPLE. It’s been real.

with love,


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