@Oprah Re-tweeted Me During #Lifeclass with @DrPhil

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I am an avid Oprah Winfrey fan and support the OWN Network since it launched. I respect her mission to help people live their best lives, and I’ve taken her advice to heart on many occasions. One of my favorite programs is LifeClass and Dr. Phil returned to encourage viewers to “Be the Star of their Own Life.”

I live tweeted the show using the hashtag #Lifeclass to share the best nuggets of wisdom from Oprah and Dr. Phil. Oprah manages her own Twitter handle and she saw one of my tweets. @Oprah replied AND retweeted me! Full stop. Take that in. @Oprah directly connected with me @withlovemai on Twitter. I LOVE the Internet! I was seen, heard and recognized by one of my personal heroes. Ah-mazing!

Of course I took photos and reposted the momentous event on Instagram, my personal Facebook page and tweeted a thank you to @Oprah. My friends and family liked and commented on my posts reinforcing a positive feedback loop. I won the Internet that day and I have @Oprah to thank.

with love,


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