Mister Rogers remixed ‘Sing Together’ lyrics offer gentle wisdom

One of Mister Rogers’ nuggets of wisdom went viral after the Boston Marathon bombings, and since then I’ve noticed a resurgence of his work. I grew up on PBS programming and joke that Sesame Street taught me English since Vietnamese was my first language. I watched Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood when there wasn’t anything else on TV, but now as an adult I can fully appreciate the soft-spoken man’s gentle wisdom. Continue reading


‘Clouds’ singer Zach Sobiech leaves beautiful legacy


I first read about Zach Sobiech and his family while at work. I watched SoulPancake creator Rainn Wilson, Jason Mraz, Rachel Bilson, Sara Bareilles, Anna Farris and more celebrities sing-along to his song “Clouds.” I cried at my desk listening to the lyrics, which are a beautiful goodbye to his loved ones. Continue reading