Photos from our first day in Singapore

welcome-to-singaporeLast Wednesday, we landed in Singapore at 6 a.m. and “orientation” was scheduled at 10 a.m. with lifelong Singaporean Samantha from Santa Fe Corporate Relocation Services. During the tour, I felt exhilarated and terrified like one of the kids on the psychedelic boat ride in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Eric on the other hand already knew the neighborhoods and streets because he had studied a map of Singapore for the last three months. We were on the same ride but from such different perspectives.

Samantha rattled off a list of must-knows, pointing out landmarks, sharing local tips and spouting off fines ($500 for jaywalking; $150 for not wearing seat belts; $300 for littering). It was a six-hour brain dump and at the end I needed a nap.

When I awoke three hours later, I didn’t know whose hard bed and flat pillow I was lying on and why the AC was cranked so high. Eric nudged me to get up so I’d be able to sleep later that night. I rubbed my eyes and realized that I wasn’t on vacation anymore. This was the start of my life in Singapore.


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